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Besides providing you with my really loud obnoxious VPN warning sign below, this page is dedicated to pointing you toward the best internet safety tools and extensions to protect you while streaming and downloading content online. You will find my favourite tools, extensions, and resources here!

So, stop wasting time! Go read about them, and then find the links, and go get the goods! But first…please read my repetitive but necessary message below…

The information provided on My TV Oasis is just that…information.

It is unknow if the third party sites recommended for streaming and downloading content on My TV Oasis are secure or unsecure, distribute licensed or unlicensed content, provide hosted content or link their provided content to other sources, and as such, My TV Oasis and it’s owner cannot be held liable or responsible should any harm come to your devices or your identity.

If you choose to stream or download content from any site, regardless of logistics, you do so by your own free-will and your own personal choice. Therefore, it is solely your personal choice, and free-will to stream and download responsibily and to always look after your own online safety.

Please Consider this as a thoughtful warning
Always remember…Safety First!

Remember to visit My TV OASIS Streaming Essentials where you can learn
about some recommended tools for protecting your online safety.

Below are some tools I recommend to protect yourself, your, devices, and your privacy, from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider and potentially being reported to the authorities for streaming/downloading “protected” content, as well a few other very useful streaming/downloading tools.

Which VPN is best for streaming?

Having a VPN is the most important protection to have, but which is the best?

I have run across a multitude of free VPN’s and some work and some don’t but here’s the thing…the VPN should be free of prying eyes. A lot of them redirect your IP address but they don’t exclude you from Web RTC which is how the government can track your internet usage. To avoid this you need to go with one that avoids the 14 eyes or better explained as the 14 countries that agree to use intelligence to spy on people.

The VPN I use is located in Switzerland and is not part of the 14 eyes, so, I feel safe knowing that my internet usage while using this VPN will never be given to any government for any purpose and can not identify me in any way.

I use ProtonVPN. There are others out there but this is what I use and trust. I started with the Free version and found that it checks all my safety boxes and signed up for three years. I can now stream/download whatever I want from any country and feel secure doing so.

Which Internet Browser is best for streaming?

With so many Internet browsers to choose from, which one is the right one for streaming?

Finding all the right tools can be a daunting experience but I have experimented with several Internet browsers and the best I have found for streaming and downloading is by far Chrome and Firefox.

Aside from being content friendly and user friendly, both of these Internet browsers have access to the Chrome Webstore where you chan find a ton of useful tools and extensions for a variety of online activities.

(By the way, I don’t recommend using any other browsers to stream or download content!)

Which security tests are the best for identifying IP, DNS, & WebRTC leaks?

Hackers, digital spies, internet predators, and so many more unseen threats causing concern, who has the best tools to ensure your IP address stays private and isn’t leaking your personal information or location out into cyberspace?

There are a lot of Internet safety companies out there vying for your business and claiming they can keep you safe online, and they probably can to a point, however, you will likely be best served to be proactive about your own internet safety by staying vigilant with performing safety tests on a weekly, if not daily basis. Testing your internet connection for leaks is a simple task and only takes a minute or two, so it’s truly in your best interest to do so frequently.

Best suggestion, test it without your VPN, and then test it with your VPN, if you’re not using a strong VPN, such as ProtonVPN, you will likely experience DNS, IP, & WebRTC leaks and should probably remedy that sooner rather than later!

Over the years I have used a variety of free internet safety tests and they have all served their purpose but none were ever as thorough as browserleaks. Not only do they provide all the tests to run to determine where the leaks are, they also provide a decent overview of what each test is for and why it’s important.

From my experience, browserleaks is truly the best free set of leak prevention/safety tests you can get anywhere online.
(And no, I’m not being paid to say that! )

Which extensions and tools are best for streaming & downloading online content?

Popup blockers, malware destroyers, cookie and tracking blockers, downloaders…EEK! There are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of browser extensions to choose from, and it can be an overwhelming task trying to figure out what to use to stay safe and minimize the liklihood of an internet scoundral getting through an open door. So which browser extensions are the best?

Lucky for you, I have experimented for several years with extensions. I’ve seen many come and go, I’ve seen them work, I’ve seen them break, and I’ve even run across some that were sketchy and quite possibly virus laden and dangerous to your internet privacy, safety, and security. Typically when an extension goes bad or a developer creates it with malicious intent, Google will sort it out and remove it from its platform pretty quickly, but still, it is good to be cautious with extensions and if you start experiencing any problems or your internet slows down after installing an extension, promptly remove it.

With that said, I have also found several browser extensions that are extremely useful and trustworthy and I use them on both my Chrome and Firefox browsers, as they are readily available for use from the Chrome Webstore.

So, without further adu, the following are the extensions I use and recommend…

Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube isn’t really for downloading or safety purposes but if you like streaming YouTube videos, it’s a great tool to have for avoiding all the ads!

It works very well, although sometimes you may need to refresh the page if an ad starts but after that, it remembers its job.


Malwarebytes Browser Guard gives you a safer and faster web browsing experience. It blocks trackers and malicious websites while filtering out annoying ads and other unwanted content. In fact, you can browse up to four times faster. It is the world’s first browser extension that can identify and block new fake tech support scams.

And Malwarebytes Browser Guard crushes pop-ups, browser hijackers, and browser lockers with ease. They take on the bad guys, so you don’t have to.

Poper Blocker

Aside from Malwarbytes, Poper Blocker is the best stand alone popup blocker I have found so far…it claims to remove all popups, popunders, and overlays but I still encounter them from time to time, but more often than not, it delivers as promised.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger stops 3rd party tracking, cookie tracking…basically keeps the pirates at bay. Works awesome!

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is a decent backup option and works well.

Video Downloader Professional

Lots of Video Downloaders to choose from…
Video Downloader Professional is my favourite. I have never had an issue or a problem with it and if you can’t download it with this one, chances are you can’t download it with anything.

Can’t really beat that for free! (It does not work in YouTube but there are special ones out there that do)

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